UC Davis Global Connections Database

The UC Davis Global Connections Database will bring together information related to global partnerships, agreements, visiting delegations, and programs with information related to faculty and staff connections, activities, and expertise. This new database will be useful in finding global partnership information, collaborative research opportunities, and more!

Instructions for searching:
  • To show all global connections and partnerships, simply press the search button. The connections and a listing of institutions will show below the map. If you click on the Global Connections tab above the map, you will see a listing of all partnerships and collaborations with other institutions as well as people associated with UC Davis with connections in other countries. Clicking on the More information button for a Global Connection in a country will provide more information about the person.
  • To show all connections in a particular country (partnerships, collaboration, and people associated with UC Davis with connections), select the country from the Country dropdown list.
  • To search for a particular partner institution or entity, please first select the country from the Country dropdown, then use the Connection or Institution dropdown.
  • To find a particular person's global connections, or a keyword of interest, please enter the name or word in the Text search box, Click Search, select the Global Connections tab (above the map), and click the More information button.
  • Data is incomplete and will be added over time.

Please note, as we are making important improvements to the UC Davis Global Connections Database platform, we are pausing submissions through the Global Connections Form, as of March 22, 2021. Any information already entered will not be lost. We anticipate these changes to be ready by the end of April 2021. In the meantime, this Global Connections Database is still be available for searches to identify campus expertise, seek potential collaborations, and identify existing campus International Agreements of Cooperation. Thank you for your patience and your continued global contributions.

For any questions or more information about global connections with UC Davis, please contact:

Karen Beardsley
Global Affairs
International Center, Suite 3120
Davis, CA 95618
(530) 752-5678